I've Got eBay....

I enjoy shopping on eBay. I've found some great deals on clothing there. Lately I've been trying to pare down what I have and get rid of colors that are pretty but not pretty on me, so I am selling on eBay. This isn't the first time -- I sold some things when I originally dropped 3 sizes, but I've been listing two or three things a day lately. Some things languish with few looks, others get snapped right up. I'm generally pricing to sell. At this point, I want to get the things out of my house, and if I make 5 or 10 dollars back in the process, it doesn't feel like such a waste of money. My favorite way to list is starting cheap with a buy it now price about $10 more and offer free shipping (I just add it to the starting price). As far as shipping goes, I just save the plastic bags and shipping bags and padded envelopes I get from other things and reuse them. If anyone is interested in checking out what I have for sale, my eBay name is more_flower_power.
Here's how I've done this last week:
The bracelet I won in a blog give away, and it just wasn't my style -- profit $16. The stripe shirt I paid 12 dollars for -- profit $5. The liberty print shirt in Wiltshire I paid $28 for, so profit $8. The leather skirt I paid $35 for, so it was a wash. I've had the bangles and never wore them because they were too big and jingly, so I was just glad to pack them off for a little cash. The flower bead necklace was free, so I made $17 on it. Not bad.

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