Monday, July 23, 2012

Today I am wearing a pretty simple outfit with some extremely vintage crops and a basic t-shirt. These crops are pretty roomy, but they work okay for running around doing errands.
Floral Crops, Coldwater Creek; Vintage Tee, Talbots; Jewelry, Talbots and Designed by Denee.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

So, as soon as I saw this Geo Diamond Tee in the Talbots catalog, I knew it had to be mine. I picked it up yesterday at the 40% off sale, and I was not disappointed. It goes beautifully with a bargain basement turquoise pencil skirt from Nordstroms, my find of the week $7 Spectacular Shell gold belt from Chicos, and my ultra-bargain jade vintage Talbots jewelry from Ebay. I'm also wearing the lime green shoes of death, but, hey since I've worn them a few times, they've become the lime green shoes of near-death.
I really like this new shell belt. The fun thing about it is that it matches the Lucoli Embellished Clutch that I got for $5 last month. Bling, Bling, BLING!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

This ikat tee is a new acquisition from Chicos. I originally got it in the size 1 (S 8-10), but after thinking about it and looking at it on the model on the right, I decided to go with the size 0 (XS 4-6) for a more figure hugging fit at the bottom. I wore it today with my red skinny jeans, and I really liked this look.
The BHW was coming home from scout camp today, and I needed to look smashing for him. This really fit the bill!! Besides, red has always been my favorite color.
I wore this with a blingy mixed howlite/shell necklace that I’ve had for quite a while. It used to be about 8 inches longer, but I couldn’t stand to wear it—it felt like I had a dead cat hanging off my neck or something—it was just too long for how heavy it is. I like it much better at the new, shorter length.
Red Ikat Tee, Chicos; Jewelry, Chicos; Alisha Skinny NYDJ Jeans in Red, Nordstroms.

Friday, July 20, 2012

After spending the morning altering these shorts and the Talbots Shoreline Stripe Skirt in Blue, I wore them to celebrate.
13" Shorts in Khaki; Talbots; Lace Top, Christopher & Banks.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

I really like this shirt. I got it in a size small because it's a little blousy.
13" Shorts in Flame, Talbots; Pintuck Floral V-Neck Tee in Flame Floral, Talbots.

Necklace Envy

I was at Macy's the other day and saw this necklace on the left which is part of their Brasil Collection of funky accessories. I figured I had the beads at home to quickly make a copy, which is on the right. I can't wait to wear this!!!
(Is it evil to buy a necklace so that you can take it home and copy it--fully intending to return it? I didn't wear it...)

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Here's what I wore for yet another day of lounging around the house without the company of the BHW.
Stripe Tee, JCrew; Jewelry, Talbots; 13" Shorts in Parrot, Talbots.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

A casual outfit for hanging out around the house. This is another pair of shorts that I've altered to fit me.
Talbots 13" Shorts in Yellow; T-Shirt, Christopher & Banks

Monday, July 16, 2012

What do you do when your husband goes to scout camp for a week? Alter clothes, of course. Here is a Talbots skirt from last year that I've cut down to a size 6.
Talbots Cascading Flowers Pencil Skirt, Vintage Talbots Tee

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Today I went with this almost-dress look. This is actually a skirt with a top that is the same color. This felt very fresh and feminine with all the pearls and flowers.
Embroidered Linen Skirt in Aquamarine, Talbots; Double-Buckle Stretch Belt in Sand Dune, Talbots; Lattice Smocked Tee in Aquamarine, Talbots: Pearls, Talbots

Saturday July 14, 2012

I wore this dress to the Craft wedding reception, and I must say I felt like a million dollars.
There is quite a saga behind this dress. A few weeks back, I ordered both a 1 and a 0 before the big trip as I figured this would be a great dress for packing. When they came, the 0 fit me perfectly except for the length. It was almost 1 1/2 inches shorter than the size 1. There were no more 0s online, so I thought, "Well, I guess this isn't for me." It was just too short to feel comfortable. But, even though Chicos said they were completely sold out, I found another 0 at the Murray Chicos on Friday, and it was the same length as the 1s they had! My first dress must have been an aberration. (You'll notice that the pattern of my dress at the shoulders looks just like the one on the model. The original short 0 didn't have any orange at the top, but still ended in the same place.) So, my perseverance has paid off, and I ended up getting it for $67, too. The dress hits me just above the knee, and it's a winner.
The nude pumps were my one purchase on vacation. So, I can now say that I wear a 5 1/2. (British Size).
Glamour Ikat Gracey Dress, Chicos; Earrings, Shopko

Friday, July 13, 2012

Wow, I didn't even realize that today was Friday the 13th until now. Hmmm...
Anyway, today I wore these turquoise capris with a little dressier top. We were going to a movie, but ditched out at the last minute to play games at home.
Watercolor Top, Chicos; Turquoise Capris, Chicos; Jewelry, Talbots via Ebay.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

T-shirt and shorts again. I've had this necklace and jewelry for a very long time and hadn't worn it for forever. Every single person I saw today mentioned how cute it was. I guess I should wear it more often.
T-Shirt, Coldwater Creek, 13" Shorts in White, Talbots.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Once again, short and t-shirt.
13" Short in Yellow, Talbots; Embellished Tee, Coldwater Creek; Jewelry, Keepsake from the Utah Shakespearean Festival.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Now that I'm back to normal summer weather, I'm back to normal summer clothes, i.e., t-shirts and shorts.
Parrot Green 13" Shorts, Talbots; Floral Top, Talbots, Peridot Necklace, Coldwater Creek.

Monday, July 9, 2012

I picked this cardigan and top up from Talbots because I loved the colors--it looks like a Monet painting. I got the short sleeved henley top first, then went on a quest to find the cashmere sweater to match. It took some lurking, but I finally found it. Of course, it's too hot to wear the cardigan now, but at some point I'll wear them together, I'm sure. I loved how they looked together on the models. Now, the top is just made out of polyester, so I had to sew the buttons closed because the material was so slippery that they just popped open -- all the time. I had to size down to an XS petite in this top, too, because it was cut very generously. I am pleased with my purchase.
Ikat Henley Top, Talbots, Navy 13" Shorts, Talbots, Braided Belt in Navy, Talbots; Jewelry, Talbots, Shopko, and Target.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

So today was Jessica Gregory's homecoming, so Mark and I made it over even after our exhausting trip back over the pond. I went with this tangerine dress from Talbots, which actually looks like the picture on the right on me.
Pintuck-Twist Dress in Orangeade, Talbots; Pambil Jewelry, Chicos.
I also wore this same outfit to see one of the plays in London.

England Trip, June 23 - July 7, 2012

So, below here is an assortment of what I wore when I went to England. We tried to pack very light, so I had just brought two pairs of pants and two pairs of shorts. I didn't end up ever wearing the shorts except on the day we flew back--it was too cold and rainy. I also had two basic cardigans that I threw over a lot of these outfits. And, pretty much everything was worn with my trusty hiking shoes and either my Talbots Navy Trench (which worked great and looked amazing--for $35 it was a great trip purchase) or my Cabela's Fuchsia Goretex Raincoat. I did get dressed up a few times (reflected by the turquoise top and animal skirt) to go to three plays: The Woman in Black, The Lion King, and Wicked.
I didn't bring a lot of jewelry, but I did bring my new Pambil set from Chicos (seen on the pink and blue t-shirts). As the necklace is made of seeds, it is light as a feather and gives a lot of bling.