Vegan Zebra

I really like belts with elastic backs -- they are like mullets -- all business in the front, party (comfort) in the back. This particular belt never really got a lot of wear because the ecru/black woven combination never seemed to go with anything. Now that I've been on a painting storm, I got the idea to change it into a zebra belt.
The non-buckle/elastic part of the belt was made of some sort of man-made material woven together. I've had good success painting over man-made things with my trusty Angelus paint, so I decided to try that.
It took three coats of paint to achieve the perfect white. The texture on the belt is very noticeable here -- very bumpy. I'm not going to bother with the gold hardware as it doesn't show at all once it's on. After I had the perfect white, I was ready for the stripes.
I pulled out my faithful iPad and opened a picture of a zebra print. I propped it up right behind the belt. Then I went to work with a fine black paint brush. It became instantly evident that my painting would not be perfect as my canvas was so bumpy.
I do think it turned out rather well, all things considered. I just need one more coat of white on the other half, and then I will animal it up and be ready to go!

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