Dye Take 2 - When the Deep Purple Falls....

For this dye job I used "grape." My chosen DI items were cotton, silk, and cashmere. This cashmere sweater basically came out looking like gray death, so I think I won't try to dye wool anymore with this kind of dye and stick to cotton and silk. All the other items came out looking very, very good. I used a bigger dye bath this time--nine gallons instead of six.

These sand colored platinum denim pants from Chicos came out looking like they were bought purple from the store. The dye was absolutely perfect. Once again, the stitching doesn't dye, so it gives it a nice contrast look. Big time thumbs up on this one.

These tan shorts from Talbots also came out beautifully. They are actually a bit darker than the jeans.

These light gray shorts from Talbots came out looking almost identical to the khaki ones. The tan ones are a largish size 6 and these are a smallish size 10 -- I'll be covered no matter what!

This white silk scarf came for free with my dye order, and it came out very nice. It's not nearly as deep a purple as the cottons, but the dye job is still vibrant and even.

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