Yellow Fever

Top to bottom clockwise: Talbots pants, Christopher & Banks tee,
Chicos tee, Talbots shorts, Coldwater Creek tee
Yellow Fever is a very appropriate post title, as I just had the immunization for yellow fever a week or so ago. It was an expensive thing -- $115. Anyway, this was my yellow batch. I used "bright yellow." I was a little concerned because everything looked like it had turned orange, but after rinsing everything was yellow again.
Top to bottom clockwise: Chicos tee, Coldwater Creek tee, Talbots pants,
Talbots shorts, Christopher & Banks tee, Chicos Secret Silk shirt
The pants from Talbots came out looking very bright mustard. I will still wear them as they are cotton drawstring, and very comfortable and as a bottom, the color isn't quite as critical. All the tees look pretty amazing. The shorts (and one of the tees) were already yellow, but now they are bright highlighter yellow. No shrinking daffodils here!
The secret silk shirt was on the donate pile, so I just threw it in at the last minute. It is completely man-made material, so I didn't think it would take the dye. Well, I was wrong. It came out a beautiful yellow. Just for comparison, I added a picture of the shirt with the tank that used to be the same color (this tank DID NOT take the dye).

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