Summer Fashion Forecast

I've been asked to do a blog post for a campaign called Closet Swap. A group of bloggers are sharing their wardrobe ideas for summer. This is a collaboration with; they are a new platform where you can buy gift cards to your favorite brands at a discounted price, and sell your unused gift cards for cash. Be sure to check them out if you are in need of gifts for all those summer occasions you'll be attending.
Summer clothes are a bit of a challenge for me. As a teacher, I don't work in the summer, and as a result, a tee and shorts are pretty much a uniform for me. Basic tees and shorts don't have to be boring though; here are some ideas to spice up that basic uniform and still keep your cool.

1. Go Tribal

Tribal prints are big this season, and the fun thing about them is that you can add them on top or on bottom with equal ease. Some of my favorites:
This J.Crew Factory Charley Sweater in Geometric Stripe is an eye catcher.
J.Crew's Cotton Piqué short in gemstone is also interesting.

I love this Sanctuary Soft Skort for a little dressier look.

2. Get Stripe Struck

Stripes seem to be everywhere this season. What type of stripes you wear depends on your clothing personality. Are you the bold striking type? Wear larger even stripes in two contrasting colors. Are you the fun party person? Add stripes of different sizes and lots of colors. The possibilities are endless. When it comes to stripes, I tend to stretch out and add some skirts and dresses. I practically live in my white and navy striped ponte skirt. Some of my favorites:
What could be cooler than a Bold Stripe T-Shirt Dress?
For a softer look, how about a Variegated Stripe Tee?
These Edrea Shorts in Stripe would look smashing with all of your tees.

3. Be Bright

For me, summer means pulling out all the stops as far as color goes. Pale colors wash out under all that sun, so fight back with brights. You can either pull from the basic colors of the crayon box or take it a step further and go neon. When mixing colors, remember the basics of the color wheel. Primary colors - red, yellow, and blue - are going to be your staples. Some of my favorites:
This J.Crew Factory Textured Charley Sweater will catch their attention!
Dare to wear highlighter yellow with a Slub-Knit Scoop Tee.
(Yellow looks great with all the nautical looks you'll see this summer.)
Riviera Shorts in cobalt blue go with lighter blues, white, purple, red,
black, orange, yellow and green -- the  perfect mixer!

4. Find a Floral

Summer is the perfect time to flaunt a floral pattern. With all the myriad of possibilities, you are sure to find one you like. I prefer big prints like this on my bottom half. Some of my favorites:
The Hibiscus Floral Shorts will make you feel like you are on vacation.

If denim is more your style, how cute are these Embroidered Denim Cutoff Shorts?
Go with classic black and white with these Floral Printed Shorts.
I'll keep all these in mind as I dress for the rest of the summer. For the next few weeks I'll be wearing a look more like the hiker below as I vacation in the mountains of Peru. Have a great summer!

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