Even Greener With Envy

(Continued from a previous post)

The next item in the dye bath was a silk shirt too dark of an ivory to pass for white. It came out rather stunningly light green. Silk just doesn't dye as dark as cotton.

This ivory shirt was actually rayon, but I didn't realize it until after I put it through the dye. It actually took the dye, albeit a bit unevenly. I started adding the color card to the shots, because I think it's hard to see what color things really are sometimes.

This sweatshirt from Eddie Bauer was a kind of light sage green. It came out a beautiful almost teal green. The stitching didn't take the dye, so it is contrast now. I think the darker color will be the key here.

This was another light green tank. The front was silk; the back was a cotton blend. It came out a bit two-toned; it may be destined for donation.

This is a very light sage green sweatshirt/cardigan from Eddie Bauer. The ruffles and flowers on the front are part cotton, part silk.
It came out looking rather amazing really -- I can't wait to wear it. The silk flowers are a little different color, but it just gives it some interest, as far as I'm concerned. The color from my camera is a little wonky -- the green is a beautiful kelly color. It's much more like the second picture with the card.

I think someone said that type 4 can wear lime. This lime was just too wishy washy, I decided, so even though this shirt was already pretty green, I went ahead and threw it in the dye bath. The lace trim came out a little darker, which actually looks kind of cool.

This next item was a kind of cross between lime and sage green. I figured the ribbon decoration was probably made of cotton. I was wrong.

It was obviously made of something other than cotton. I'm not sure about how this shirt turned out -- I think it's a wait and see. The green is a really perfect green (much greener than it appears here - my camera tends to blue greens).

This was just a simple light blue tee. It turned out perfect in green.

This shirt was a heathered blue green -- not the best color on me, I'm afraid. Now it is a lovely dark green.
All in all, I felt that it was a very successful dying experiment. Fun, fun, fun!

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