Spain Trip June 9 - 28, 2015

I am going to Spain for three weeks. Yes, I am going crazy with travel this summer. Here is what I'm taking. I have decided to go ultra light (for me), and I just have one carryon suitcase and a pickpocket proof day bag. I made the 21 piece wardrobe set (not counting the socks) above, and I'm planning on making the outfits below. Everything is very hot climate friendly. I'm just bringing one neutral cardigan and a rain jacket. I bought Eagle Creek packing cubes and a new suitcase, and man am I streamlined! Hopefully I should only have to do laundry twice on the trip, and I plan on just doing it in the sink. I'm also going minimal on the jewelry, and I'm just taking one pair of California Convertible earrings from Harry Mason and bringing different dangles to change up the look.

Mama Dragon Retreat in St. George, May 30 - June 5, 2015

I spent the first week after school got out at the weeklong Mama Dragon retreat in St. George. This was an amazing time to relax, connect, share, grow, learn and communicate with other Mama Dragons. Our group is growing exponentially, and we really feel like we are at the forefront of a swelling tide of love that can't and won't be stopped.