More Shoe Painting

Being as it's summer now, I'll probably be doing less posting, as I'm generally in shorts and a tee. I think I'll add some of my crafting things here. I've been painting some of my shoes to make them colors that I'm more likely to wear. My latest three have been silver, green, and red.
This was a pair of vegan gold sandals. (The one on the right is half-painted, so that gives you an idea of what they looked like.) Because they were not leather, I used Lumiere Metallic Silver Paint on them. This paint was highly recommended by several internet crafters. (I always do a little research before I attempt these things.) Anyway, it did not disappoint. It's taken about three coats, but I think they look pretty good.

 My next project was painting a pair of leather clogs red. I used Angelus leather paint on these in plain red. After painting them, I decided that they would look better with black bottoms, so I picked up some Krylon Fusion Paint for Plastic at Ace. It comes in a spray can, but I did not want to mess with masking, etc. What I did was spray a good amount of the paint into a plastic cup, and then when I had some liquid paint at the bottom, I took a cheap paintbrush and painted it on. WARNING: THE PAINT MELTED THE CUP JUST AS I WAS FINISHING! Yikes.
My final project was painting a pair of rather mousy green bow pumps a more T4 Emerald Green. This is just after one coat, but I think this pair is going to look smashing.

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