I Didn't Know Dyeing Would Hurt So Much...

Dyeing hurts. Stirring that big pot of unwieldy clothes for hours and hours is hard on the back and arms. So, I've deciding to have a bit of a painting party and wait to do my last batches of dye (black, navy, yellow, pink, and green).
Here are some of my latest painting projects:

These adorable Mary Janes never really got much wear as pink snakeskin. Perhaps as shiny black snakeskin, they will see the light of day for special occasions. They are way too high for me to wear to work anymore -- darn plantar fasciitis!
These sandals were pretty old to begin with, but they have always been very comfortable. I just slap dash painted them with black and then changed the color of the hardware to silver.

This pair of pointy toe flats is dearly beloved and has been a real workhorse in my work wardrobe. I'm trying to keep the same neutral color vibe here with Lumiere silver metallic paint. I think they will need a second coat, and then they will be good to go.

This bracelet from Banana Republic is still pretty wearable. The gold is pretty hidden by the diamond bling. I have this same bracelet in white, blue, and green, and I wear those all the time. This one I wasn't wearing as much because of the insipid melon color. Now it is a very saturated pink, and I think it will go into rotation as soon as possible. I painted each stone with nail polish.

I decided to paint this pair of gray alligator loafers purple. I think I'll just do one coat so that the black variegation still shows through. I think these will look so cute with jeans!!

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