Pretty in Pink...

This time I am dyeing pink. The dye I am using is called "dragon fruit." Yum.
Now some may ask, why are you dyeing a bunch of pink things pink? Well...these things are pink but they are baby pink or salmon pink, and I want hot pink. I've made a nine gallon dye bath and things are going along smoothly. I'll come back in an hour and give an update on how things are coming.

I absolutely love how these plaid shorts came out. They look a little like J.Crew's windowpane plaid now. I can't wait to wear them!

This shirt was a very coral pink and a little busy. I also love how this one came out. You can hardly even see the pattern anymore!

I've had this pink button-up for a long time. It had a bit of spandex in it, so it came out a little lighter than all the other things in the batch. I LOVE the color this came out -- it almost looks neon.

 This was a tank in a kind of salmon pink. I dyed quite a few cotton things from Talbots, and they all came out very well.

You can see that this shirt was a very salmon-y pink. It also had this lovely embellishment. For once, the embellishment took the dye beautifully -- this came out perfectly.

This pink was a very heathery pink. Now it is hot dragon fruit pink! I won't post pictures of all the simple cotton tees I dyed. I have a lot of hot pink shirts now. They were all just a little different -- short sleeved, long sleeved, v-neck, crew neck, etc.

This cotton sweater also came out very nice.

And I did dye some silk. It had a poly lining, which of course, did not take the dye at all. As you can see, it came out a slightly different color than all the cottons -- it is a little more on the purply side of pink. A bit of touch up ironing will be needed.

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