The Last Shoe Painting

The best thing about painting shoes is that eventually -- you're done. Yeah! Anyway, I think I've pretty much run out of shoes to paint. I never did finish my two purse projects because I got so busy with shoes. So, once these are done, I can concentrate on those!!

Anyway, these gray shoes are in the middle of turning orange. This is after one coat and a pretty slapdash one at that. I tend to get a little sloppy on the inside where no one sees. I hardly ever wore these shoes in dark gray, so we'll see if turning them orange will do the trick.

These shoes were a originally a very nondescript off white color -- too light to be considered nude. I got them to go with one skirt I had. I think they look smashing in cobalt blue!
This is where the painting really gets interesting. I tried very hard to just paint the brown parts, but even with a fine hair brush it was a difficult task. I covered the brown "jewel" with white paint for now, but ultimately it would probably be better to paint it with white nail polish. What do you think?
These very favorite brown sandals are in the middle of turning red. They will need a few more coats to completely mask the brown tint. I'll fix the gold hardware with my trusty silver leaf pen.

Please ignore the dirty footbeds...

These mules are some I've had for YEARS, but they are so easy and comfortable. They are turning red here, but I couldn't figure out how to preserve the contrast stitching. Ah well.
I've been painting this particular pair of sandals for quite a while. The intricate braid work is hard to cover with paint. I tend to paint a bit on them and then move on to something else. I think I will really like them once they are done. If they are ever done.
This pair of shoes is soooo comfortable, but I didn't pull them out very often because the taupe color (is it brown? is it silver? is it gray?) didn't really go much with what I have. I am busy turning them into navy blue.
These flower sandals are turning slowly navy. This is another pair that is taking a long time because of the intricacy of the flowers  on the top.
I had to think for a while about whether I wanted to paint these shoes. The aged brown appearance was frankly, so cool. They are INCREDIBLY comfortable though, and I knew I'd wear them more in black now that I got rid of all of my brown pants.

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