Overdyed Denim

Overdye in more ways than one. My laundry room has been a mess with this ongoing dyeing going on. It was nice to get it all clean and ship-shape again. My goal here was an overdyed denim look. I used 2 oz of true navy and 4 oz of better black in a 9 gallon dye bath. Did I get an overdyed denim look? Hmm...well, not so much. The problem with dyeing denim (which I was already well aware of) is that dyeing takes away some of the woven characteristics of denim. Some of my finished pieces look more like chino now than denim. Anyway, here's how it went.
I added two tee shirts (and a tank, but I forgot to get a picture of it) to the dye bath. I'd forgotten all about the lesson I learned from orange and added a few too many items to it. As I result, one of the tees came out a bit stippled. Both of these used to be light blue.
This wrap skirt from Christopher & Banks dyed pretty well. It just has a little variation in color. It doesn't really look like it is denim anymore, though. I may try sand washing some of these pieces to get the worn look around the stitching again.

These boyfriend capri jeans from Talbots suffered a similar fate. I'm sure I'll still wear them, but they look don't look so much like jeans anymore.

Top: Chicos jeans
Left Bottom: Lee jeans
Right Bottom: Christopher & Banks jeans

 These three pairs of pants were all too light of a wash for me to wear anymore, so I chucked all three into the dye bath. Interestingly enough, the Chicos pants on the top didn't fare nearly as well as all the other Chicos jeans I dyed. The Lee pants in the middle had a fair amount of spandex, so they dyed with a bit of color variation, i.e. looking more like real jeans. The Coldwater Creek jeans on the bottom came out looking like dark navy pants with a bad dye job.
All of these clothes were originally in the donate pile, so I was pretty pleased with my overall results. I think dyeing denim so that it still looks like denim is pretty near impossible, though.

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  1. I haven't had a lot of luck dyeing denim either. Years ago I tried several pairs of jeans and tossed in some of my sons' shorts for good measure, and everything turned out so dark and not very denim-looking anymore. It would be nice if there was a better solution, wouldn't it?