October 26 - November 1, 2015

This new week of the term has been much calmer. I am determined not to give two large assignments at the same time this term. I don't always keep my goals, but hopefully this one will come true.

October 19 - 25, 2015

This has been a crazy busy last week of the term. I hardly had time to think. I'm definitely never giving my classes two writing assignments due at the same time again...or a big assignment at the end of the term, either. It's finally got cool enough to break out a few vests or jackets.

October 12 - 18, 2015

This was a short week -- only three days of school.

October 5 - 11, 2015

This was another busy week. The weather here has been so beautiful that I've just been trying to enjoy it while it lasts.

September 28 - October 4, 2015

In a word, crazy. This week was so long and intense. I had a PDC meeting, an all day professional development class with Cris Tovani, and parent teacher conference on Thursday from 3 to 9 PM. I am pretty worn out after such a stressful week.