Better in Black

For black, I used all three Procion blacks - jet black, new black and better black, and 8oz of dye total for a 12 gallon dye bath.
The first item was boyfriend cords from Eddie Bauer. They came out looking pretty good. I'll probably get more use out of them in the black than the old taupe-ish color.

I also dyed this motorcycle type fleece jacket from Eddie Bauer. It came out amazing. The hardware is brass, so I've been busy refashioning it to silver. I'm about 1/2 way done, as you can see in the after picture. The details stand out a lot more in the black dye, so I think it looks pretty awesome. It still looks gray here but it is BLACK.

This was a linen cardigan in gray from Talbots. It also came out looking very good. The buttons are a dark enough gray that I think they still look okay even with the new black color.

This pair of olive brownish shorts from Calvin Klein are now black with interesting light stitching. I may try to paint the buttons.

This Waverly J. Crew linen jacket was a black and white tweed. It just faded to gray on. I had to already wash this one to get rid of smoke smell (eBay) so I figured - what the heck? It came out GORGEOUS. With the light, I know it looks gray in the picture, but actually the whole thing dyed to a beautiful saturated black.

Left pair: used to be gray.
Right pair: used to be light brown.
I also dyed some denim -- these gray pants and a pair of light brown ones. Both of them had a bit of spandex in them, so the dye job still looks like denim. I thought they both turned out rather well.

The last two items were a dark gray cashmere scarf and these cargo crops. The cashmere scarf is darker now than it was -- it's almost a true black. The pants came a very nice black, with "contrast" stitching now, of course.

If you'll pardon the dirty state of my mirror, you'll see that the scarf came out looking pretty back. This is the scarf that goes to church with me every week in the winter -- I use it like a blanket to cover my legs.
By the way, that's the green sweatshirt I dyed here. Doesn't it look great?! This picture shows it's true color better than the original one.

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