Friday, January 10, 2014

Yes, I do have a cardigan and a
skirt in the same pattern. I must admit that I get a lot more wear out of the skirt, but after wearing it on Sunday, I decided to go with the cardigan today. I added some fun jewelry in some jazzy colors to spice this up, and overall, it was a pretty good look for me. Unfortunately, it's not incredibly warm with just a tank under this thin cotton sweater. Normally this wouldn't be a problem at school, but today the heat wasn't working correctly and was just blowing (actually I might have to say BLASTING) cold air into my classroom. Ah, well, if it's not one thing, it's another. I am in serious love with these bee earrings that I picked up during the Talbots Red Hanger Sale. They came with blue crystal and gold flower earrings that don't make my heart skip, but these I love, and for only $14 for all three, I will keep.
Platinum Denim Jeans in Dark Sand; Chicos; Tank in Pink; Talbots; Brushstroke Rose Cardigan; Talbots; Jewelry, Talbots and J. Crew Factory.

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