Tuesday, January 28, 2014

I hadn't worn this lovely little buffalo plaid skirt yet this year. As it is a fuzzy blanket fabric, it really has to be worn when the temps are low. So far, January is obliging nicely. I added a jewel trimmed sweater and ribbed tights. You can't see them very well due to the lack of good natural light in my hall, but I'm also wearing a pair of what we used to call "granny boots" I've had this flat lace up boots for almost 15 years, and I'm glad to see that they're back in style. Mine just needed a quick coat of polish to put them back in service -- and an added plus is that I can wear my orthotic inserts with them. Next time I'll add a cute pair of boot socks if I can fit all that in there...
Buffalo Plaid Skirt in Gray, Talbots; Ribbed Hue Tights in Dark Gray, Macy's; Jewel Embellished Sweater in Heather Gray, Talbots; Jewelry, Banana Republic and Chicos.

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