January 2014 Purchases

I know, I know, my goal was to only buy one thing a month and keep it under $50, if at all, but . . . .
Okay, so I got eleven items instead of one. I did only spend $80. But . . .  I really couldn't waste a $45 Eddie Bauer rewards card, I've always been tempted by that ruffle skirt, I couldn't pass on the scarf for $2.61, I really loved the necklace/earrings when I first saw them at Talbots, and one of the Talbots shirts was free, and the other was just $13. Finally, I know I’ve sworn off Chicos as the ladies at the local Chicos are as scary as Leslie’s library ladies in Parks and Recreation, but when they give you a $50 gift certificate, you have to do something with it, right?  Gee. I'm my own worst enabler.

Edit: At the last minute I added the J. Crew Garnet Flame Plaid Shirt, NWT on eBay for $20 shipped. I still had $20 dollars left in my monthly shopping budget, and I just couldn't resist it. I know, I am weak.

So...my ending total was 12 items for $100.

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