Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Only one more day to fall break...only one more day to fall break...
Patricia Anna Decker Malan Frost
Today I wore these comfortable glen plaid pants with a top that I dyed. The top originally looked like the one here at the top, but the stripes were not white, but ecru, and the pink on the top was a little insipid -- it just didn't pop. So . . . I dyed it hot pink. The pink stripes dyed a little darker, so it looks shadow striped now and definitely pink -- the shade here in the polyvore. I like it much better now. I added the large glen plaid graphic to the polyvore so that you can see that although the pants look gray in the photo, in real life they look white and black (at least to me, and isn't that who I'm dressing for?).
I've also been thinking a lot today about my beloved Aunt Pat, who died on Saturday. She was one of the funniest, kindest, and most talented people I know. She had dementia, so I am trying to imagine her free in heaven to once more enjoy all the things she loved to do -- and believe me, there were a lot. She could do anything. A lot of people used to think that I looked like her which is quite a compliment as she was obviously a beautiful woman!
What the above tee looks like now!
Jewelry, Banana Republic, J.Crew, and eBay; Signature Glen Plaid Ankle Pants in Black and White, Talbots; Side Seam Sailor Top in Hot Pink, J.Crew.

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