Friday, May 9, 2014

So this was a quick and comfortable dressed down Friday outfit. I think this pattern is bold with parallel lines? This is navy and white rather than black and white.
Now my shoes are definitely NOT type 4, but they are super cute and incredibly comfortable. So...they will be staying around for a while.
Now the hair...I do not have sleek, stunning type 4 hair. I never have and frankly, I never will because I am way too lazy to take any time with it. I don't own a blow dryer, flat iron, curling iron, or to be overly frank and blunt (after all I AM a type 4), a brush or a comb. I do have a pick that I use on occasion. matter what else changes in my life, the hair is likely to stay the same...or get shorter. I've been gradually cutting it shorter and shorter over the years.
Denim Stretch Jeans, Coldwater Creek; Ikat Cardigan Sweater in Navy/White, Talbots; Jewelry, Harry Mason Gift from the BHW.

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