October 2014 Purchases

Once again I snuck in at $100. I was finally able to use my $10 Gap/BR/Old Navy reward (that I kept using and then returning the items and getting the reward back) on the flannel shirt which is why it was so cheap.
I think I am fully stocked in blue and green sweaters now. I know I'd sworn off J. Crew for sweaters (pilling), but I loved the colors on these, so I bit. We shall see...
Now I am mainly looking for an "I can't live without it" orange blazer and anything with a bold black and white pattern. I read recently that most people wear 20% of their wardrobe 80% of the time. I guess that means most of us need a little less wardrobe than we think. I do know that I have about five pairs of jeans, but I only really wear one of them most of the time. Hmmm.....

Stay tuned, because tomorrow will be my 1,000th blog post, and I am hosting my first giveaway ever!!!!

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