Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas Pajamas
Here at our house, we have a tradition of wearing new Christmas pajamas all Christmas Eve night and all day the next day -- except for me and the BHW. We generally don't get new pajamas every year. So, although all the kiddos and kiddos-in-law are sporting new pjs from Eddie Bauer (flannel, and so nice and warm, I noticed), I ended up wearing the Talbots pjs I got from last year.
Just imagine me in these pajamas to the left. 
Why don't the BHW and I get new pajamas? Well, we don't use ours as often as everyone else, and frankly, I have other things I'd rather spend my money on these days (like tuition, etc.). I think my kiddos look pretty good in theirs even thought I didn't actually buy pajama tops to go with the bottoms. I just purchased regular shirts so they can wear them at other times if they want to. Like most younguns, they tend to wear the pants way more than the tops anyway.

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