Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Way back in May 2012, I saw this post on Polyvore, and I was in love. A few days later, I saw this jacket on eBay for $15, and I bit on it. I hadn't tried it yet this year, but decided to trot it out with my green jeans (that are the same color as the skirt--my camera is washing everything out right now. I LOVED this outfit -- it felt so spunky.
I quickly changed into a purple (yes, bright purple, even if the picture doesn't look like it) skirt for a visit to the temple with the BHW, and I loved that combination as well. Now I am wishing I'd pulled this jacket out  earlier this year.
I tried this jacket with a black button-down blouse and didn't like it, but I like it quite well with the simple black blouse I have it with here.
Plaid Swing Jacket in Black/Ivory, Talbots; Heritage Skinny Jeans in Emerald, Talbots; Origami Tee in Black, Talbots, 120s Pencil Skirt in Purple, J Crew; Hue Tights in Charcoal, Macy's; Pearls, Talbots.

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