Sunday, September 7, 2014

I recently decided to try some stripe tees from Boden. I've never ordered from them before so the sizing was a bit of a mystery. This is the long sleeve Breton tee, and believe me, when they say long sleeve, they mean it. It's not just fashion sense that's pushing these sleeves up!
Today the primary children sang Happy Birthday to me, and then during the traditional "What do we have that we want to tell Sr. Tyler?" moment at least two of the junior fashionistas mentioned my clothes. Hmmm. I'd think I'd rather be remembered for my Christ-like service, but clothes can come in second.
Is this outfit truly type four? Interestingly, someone on Facebook mentioned that type four color was too much for them that day, so they were going with restful black and white. To me, black and white is much bolder and harder to wear than color. And I'll never give up mixing prints with florals -- it's just too much fun. Lately I feel that if I've got the right colors and at least one prominent piece is a strong type four, it's good to go.
Blue Floral Skirt, Talbots; Breton Long Sleeve Stripe Tee, Boden; Jewelry, J.Crew and Talbots.

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