Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Our school had its student led conferences, formerly known as parent teacher conferences, today. I was at school from 7:30 AM to 7 PM, which is a lot of time spent sitting around. I went with these so cute and comfortable Talbots wool plaid pants, a slightly sparkly top, and a wool jacket to add the professional edge to what could almost look like pajamas. (In fact, during class, when the jacket was off, some of my students asked me if today was pajama day. Ha.)
Anyway, I guess this looked pretty good, because one of the younger teachers at the school spoke to me today while we were meeting prior to the conference. "You have the cutest outfits." she said. "Where do buy them from?" I spilled the beans on Talbots and J. Crew.
Signature Fit Highland Plaid Pants in Black/Red Combination, Talbots; Sequin Travelers Top, Chicos; Black Wool Jacket; Talbots; Jewelry, Chicos and Handmade by Local Artisans.

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