The 2/3 Rule

It's always good to get a formula for things. I recently discovered this formula for how long your skirts should be. I've always worn my skirts below the knee (probably mainly because I am short so that's where most off the rack skirts hit me). Now I've started wearing some just above the knee, and frankly, they look amazing on me.
So, I was excited to recently read this advice on matching shoes, tights, and skirts/dresses. As we are moving into tight weather, I am thinking this will come in handy.
The rule for tights is: 2/3. That means that your tights should either match your shoes or your skirt, and it means that it looks better if one of those items doesn't match. In the past, I've done a lot of monochromatic tights, shoes, and skirts, but I'm going to branch out from that and get a little more daring with shoes, I think. Anyway, here are some of my recent 2/3 sets. For these looks, I went with matching tights and shoes.
Shoes, Talbots; Tights, Hue (is there any other kind? my Hue tights wear like IRON!!!).

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