Saturday, October 12, 2013

Today was the wedding of my nephew, Jeremy. This is what I wore to the ceremony and to the wedding lunch. I added the velvet topper here at the left, only I wore it open as seen on the model below. I also added my new poppy Ceces. This turned out rather well (weddings in our culture are rather less ostentatious than in some cultures, so this was a perfectly fine outfit as far as dressiness goes).
Floral Skirt; Talbots; Stretch Belt in Navy Talbots; Jewelry, Ily Couture and Shopko; Polka Dot Popover in Naples Blue; J. Crew; Grace Fit Double Breasted Velveteen Jacket in Blue; Talbots.

I lost the skirt and added this sweater to the right with jeans to attend the BYU/Georgia Tech Football game this evening. This sweater, which is actually a mustard yellow, comes from Eddie Bauer. It looked very nice with the polka dot popover. Overall, I looked like a hybrid GT/BYU fan, as BYU's color is blue and Georgia Tech's fans were all wearing golden yellow (and green).

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