Wednesday, August 27, 2014

I've been posting pictures of things I've dyed and shoes and belts I've painted all summer, but this was the first purse that I refashioned. This large pink Talbots bag was a not-so-amazing kind of coral-ly pink. I got it a long time ago for a song, and I wasn't sure why I kept it -- I never used it much. Now it is a bright fire engine red, and I can see myself getting a lot more use out of it.
I thought it went well with some denim jeans that I dyed navy and a floral cardigan. The red popped with all that blue.
Everything I'm wearing in this picture except the cardigan has either been hand made or recolored!!
Christopher & Banks Stretch Denim Bootcut Jeans; Floral Cardigan in Indigo and White, Talbots; Navy Tank; Chicos; Jewelry; Designed by Denée.

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