Friday, February 7, 2014

Last year sometime I purchased several blingy little animal bracelets for about $5 each. I put them in a drawer and, um, sort of forgot about them. I'm trying to wear them more often.
Today I'm wearing my first and last merino Tippi in Retro Jade from J. Crew. I've only worn this Tippi twice. It was a pill-y mess after the first wearing, and I've only recently taken a sweater comb to it. Of course, it was a pill-y mess after this wearing, too. Ah, well.
I did love my new houndstooth pants with my houndstooth-top flats. The pants are actually camel and black, but they give off a very brown vibe. This is also what I wore to take in The Lego Movie with the family. Which movie we all absolutely loved, by the way.
Signature Houndstooth Ankle Pants in Black/Palomino, Talbots; Merino Tippi in Retro Jade, J. Crew; Travelers Tank in Brown (not seen), Chicos; Jewelry, Ily Couture and Kohls.

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