Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Hmm...I haven't done very well keeping track of my outfits, but the new job is taking a lot of my time and energy right now. I did enjoy wearing this school of fish Tippi sweater with a purplish skirt. This was a big bargain outfit, as I got the sweater for $18, the skirt from Nordstroms a long time ago for $19, and the jewelry from Chicos for a song (this is one of the necklaces that I shortened -- I made matching earrings with some of the beads I took out).
A word on shoes. Last year I was wearing cuter shoes, but I paid for it with a nasty case of plantar fasciitis. This year I am wearing very comfortable, sensible shoes, and my feet are happy for it.
Halogen Pencil Skirt; Nordstroms; Merino Tippi in School of Fish, J. Crew; Jewelry, Chicos and Designed by Denee.

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