And She's Back...

Spain was truly a land of enchantment for me and I enjoyed almost every minutes of being there. My streamlined 21 piece travel wardrobe worked like a dream. Here are some highlight pictures:
Me sitting on the famous Gaudi bench at Parc Guell.
The Roman aqueduct at Toledo -- note the very modern set up for a rock concert in front of it.
We found an antiquities restoration expert hard at work in the Alhambra.
Alison and I get a quick picture with some Don Quixote graffiti in Alcala.
Me and my castle.
Spanish cuisine is heavy on meat and potatoes. I had a hard time maintaining my vegan lifestyle. Yes, that black sausage is blood sausage. Many of the places our group went to had a preplanned menu for us, and this is what they served. I'm not going to comment because I think the picture says it all.
Here I am succumbing to the cooling lightness of gauzy cotton clothing at the Plaza de España in Granada. My hat was truly a lifesaver in the relentless heat.
My feet in the exact center of Spain -- and Sam's turtle that he took everywhere to take pictures of for his wife.
A sweater I loved but figured I could make myself for much less. There was a lot of thin cotton worn due to the high temperatures.
We explored many a beautiful, narrow street. There is a very Moroccan feel to southern Spain.

Finally, me getting a foot massage from the relentless cobblestone streets.

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