Lilly Pulitzer for Target

When I got on the internet this morning, the whole world was buzzing about Lilly Pulitzer for Target. I remembered that I was a little enamored of the button-up (even though it's not really a type 4 clothing item).  So, I ran over to the local Target at 8:30 AM and grabbed some items. I got two things for me and two things for the DD. I don't know if she will like them or not, so they may be going back.

Update: The shift dress below looked absolutely adorable on the DD. I guess I'll keep everything except maybe the pants.

Next Update: Yes, I was one of the evil people who listed Lilly for Target on eBay. I sold the size large Nosey Posie Shirt for $55 dollars and the Boom Boom Palazzo Pants for $50. With taxes, PayPal's cut, eBay's cut, and shipping, that put my total for the three items I kept at about $12 each. I'm a happy camper.

I got this shirt in two sizes. I normally wear a medium, but I thought I might need a large. I didn't. This shirt isn't quite this bright in real life.
I also picked up these palazzo pants. I'm not sure I'll keep them--what in the world would I wear with them or wear them to? Hmmm....
I picked up these two possibly for the DD.

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