Closet Tour

I've been working for a long time on getting my closet organized just the way I want it. I thought I'd share it here. You'll also notice that I don't have room to expand -- I function on the one in, one out mode these days!

To begin with, this is where I keep my jackets. I've got them organized by color, and they are hanging two deep.

Right above my jackets, I've stolen a bit more of the BHW's side of the closet to hang my dress pants. I don't have so many of those anymore, and I don't wear these as often. (Maybe because they are so hidden? Hmmmm....)

In the rear of the closet I have most of my shoes and all of my denim. The top shelf holds assorted purses. I try to organize my shoes by both color and size. I keep my bigger belts hanging on hooks attached to the sides of this tower -- you can see them hanging there.

Moving on around the closet, you'll see where I keep my skirts, matching suits, and dresses. This is the most crowded area of the closet as I have a pretty bad skirt obsession. Everything is organized by color, and the skirts hang four deep.

This rather dark area is the space under the skirts; I keep some shoes -- mostly summer casual and not so favored other pairs -- here.

Hanging right before the skirts is one of the reasons that section is so crowded. This is a very useful scarf hanger I picked up from Ikea. All those scarves make for a bit more bulk in that section. This is WAY too heavy to hang on the back of the door like I planned.

Also in this section (but it pulls out, which is such a good idea) is my little belt hanger.

The middle section here is open cubbies and drawers. The drawers are full of my workout clothes, and the cubbies hold all of my sweaters and some of my tees, neatly folded and organized by color. Those bins up top hold maxi skirts, with pictures of what skirt is in which bin, and you can see more purse storage above the skirts on the left.

Under the first column of cubbies I have a bit more shoe storage.

The second column of cubbies. These bins up top hold sweatshirts and seasonal things. The top section here has all of my summer capris.

Under the second column, I have two tubs that have tanks in them. These are the tanks that don't get wrinkled. They are organized color vs black, gray, and white (although it looks like a white tank snuck in the wrong side).

Coming around to the front of the closet, I have two hanging racks. The top rack is where I hang my short sleeve shirts and tees that tend to wrinkle, organized by color, of course. The last few hangers on the right are my silk tanks, organized by color. The shelf underneath, which I didn't get a good shot of, has just enough space for me to stack my shorts by color.

And finally my long sleeve tops and button-ups. These are also organized by color. There is a bin under these where I keep my handwashing between washing days.
I hang everything on those special felted thin hangers, which lets me hang tee-shirts without stretching them out. As you can see, there is NO room for expansion.

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