Sunday, November 25, 2012

Today seemed like a good day to go with a long maxi skirt and blazer. I've had all these items for a very long time except for the persimmon shoes, which I just got to wear with my persimmon hue tights. I got a lot of compliments on this look today.
Travelers Floral Paisley Maxi Skirt, Coldwater Creek Burgundy Travelers Tank, Coldwater Creek; Vixen Velvet Jacket, Talbots; Hue Tights in Persimmon, Macy's; Jewelry, Chicos.

Saturday Adventures in Shopping (and Returning)

So, I returned a lot of things on Saturday, but I couldn't resist getting this stripe shirt at J. Crew. I really like the fitted style, and I have a lot of things it would go with. The manager wouldn't give me the 15% off educator discount, even though they always have in the past.
To top it off, when I got home, I went online and found that the shirt was much cheaper online. So, I repurchased it. Lesson learned--don't shop retail without checking online.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Today I went with a little animal to give me the fierceness I needed to face the Black Saturday crowd. Yes, I dared to go out shopping (returning, mostly) today. I returned everything I bought from J. Crew Factory, most of the things I bought recently from J. Crew, and a whole boatload of things to Talbots.
I added this fierce tribal necklace to finish off the look. It came with these feather earrings, but I made these other earrings to also match it. Unfortunately, both pairs are pretty heavy. When I had my ears pierced many, many years ago, they were pierced rather low. As a result, heavy earrings drag my ear lobes down.
Do your ears hang low?
Well, yes.
I also wore my super comfortable shoes that I can actually wear my orthopedic inserts with.
Platinum Jeans in Cocoa, Chicos; Tiger Cardigan, Talbots; Travelers Tank in Cocoa, Chicos; Jewelry, Chicos.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

You know, this outfit looks a little (okay, a lot) like pajamas, but it is actually the Talbots Signature Fit Highland Plaid Pants with a cashmere sweater. This was a super comfy outfit for Thanksgiving day. I think when I wear these pants to work, I'll have to add a shirt underneath so it looks a little more dressy, like the model above.
Signature Fit Highland Plaid Pants, Talbots; Cashmere Audrey Sweater in Red, Talbots; Jewelry, Coldwater Creek.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Today I wore this for a day of running around and errands. I thought the green tee matched the green in the skirt, but in retrospection, I'm not sure about the green with the rest of the outfit.
Floral Pastiche Skirt, J. Crew; Ruffled Cardigan in Pumpkin, Talbots; Green Tee, Talbots; Jewelry, Coldwater Creek.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Today I wore this medallion cardigan from Talbots. I wasn't entirely in love with the outfit -- maybe it was the pants? Maybe it is the cardigan? Hmmm... Anyway, I do love the blingy necklace I'm wearing with this sweater -- it really does go with almost everything. I'll have to try this sweater with some brighter matches.
Spruce Corduroy Jeans, Shopko; Midnight Travelers Tank, Chicos; Medallion Cardigan, Talbots; Jewelry, Chicos.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Today I am wearing a royal violet super 120s pencil skirt from J Crew. It is a super bright purple color. I went with a navy paisley shirt and my navy ponte jacket from Talbots--love that jacket!! I added navy tights and shoes and some purple jewelry. This necklace is another one that I decided to shorten just a little. I took enough beads out to shorten it by three inches, which gave me enough beads left to make matching earrings. The necklace is just the right length now, instead of just a little too long.
Super 120s Pencil Skirt in Royal Violet, J. Crew; Navy Paisley Button-Up Shirt, Talbots; Ponte Knit Jacket in Navy, Talbots; Jewelry, Chicos and Designed by Denee; Navy Hue Tights, Macy's.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

This is kind of hard to see, but today I went with an old favorite black wool Talbots jacket with a unique kind of roundish collar over an emerald green merino sweater with blingy rhinestone buttons on the cuffs. The cuffs stick just enough out of the bracelet sleeves to show off the buttons. I wore a lot of cheap bling to match the buttons. A tweed skirt and black tights and boots finished off the look.
Black Wool Jacket, Talbots; Emerald Jeweled Sweater, Talbots; Jewelry, Talbots; Rive Gauche Tweed Skirt, Talbots; Hue Tights in Black, Macy's.

More eBay Excitement

So, a while back I purchased the much sought after Talbots Winter 2010 leopard skirt new with tags on eBay. After getting it, I was underwhelmed, mainly because instead of being above the knee, the size 6 I purchased came down below my knee making for a very matronly look. Today I decided to list it back on eBay, and it sold in about 2 hours for $10 dollars more than I paid for it (meaning that I will come out about even after eBay takes its cut). I may keep looking for this in a petite, but I don't think it's nearly as versatile as the animal skirt I already have. I can really only see wearing this with black which really limits its wearability for me. Anyway, easy come, easy go, especially now that I've stockpiled USPS boxes and can just stuff, print the label, and put out by the mailbox.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Today I went with my Tuileries skirt, a mustard striped tee, and a little denim topper. The denim topper is necessary because this tee is cut a little wide in the neck, and shows my bra straps terribly without something over it. I really wish so many companies didn't cut their t-shirts so wide. WE NEED SHOULDER MATERIAL!!!!!! Is there anyone in her right mind who wants to flaunt bra straps for the world? (Well, maybe there is -- I saw a lot of bra straps and even, ahem, bras, at the NCTE convention; one attendee was wearing a plunging shirt that dipped down below her bra, which was not even a pretty bra but a plain old dingy white one. Please tell me this is not a new fashion.)
I changed out of the skirt into comfy stretch jeans for this evening's flight to Las Vegas for the NCTE Convention. I won't blog my outfits from there, but let me just say they will not involve bra straps. I am bringing super comfy NYDJ colored denim and light sweaters for the duration of that trip -- packing super light so as to bring back more free and purchased books. ;^)
Tuileries Skirt, Talbots; Hue Tights, Macy's, Mustard Stripe Tee, Banana Republic, Denim Jacket, Coldwater Creek; Jewelry, Shopko and Designed by Denée.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Today I wore my Caribbean Tweed skirt with navy. I even wore my faithful navy trench coat that went all over England and Scotland with me this summer. This was a good transitional look for this summer skirt, I think.
Caribbean Tweed Pencil Skirt, J Crew; UCAS Work Shirt in Blue and Green Stripe, LL Bean; Baby Cable V-Neck Cardigan in Navy, Talbots; Hue Tights in Navy, Macy's; Jewelry, Talbots and Shopko; Woven Belt in Navy, Talbots; Navy Trench, Talbots.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Today I am wearing donegal tweed pants with a velvet jacket. I love how this jacket buttons back on itself (as shown with the red one in the lower right). Unfortunately, the sleeves on this jacket are tremendously long, so I have them rolled up here. I recently found a petite blue one of these online, and it fits much better in petite. I'm not sure why I didn't buy petite in the first place.
Donegal Tweed Pants in Green, talbots; Silk Floral Tank, Talbots; Velvet Double-Breasted Jacket in Moss Green, Talbots, Jewelry, Talbots and Imperial Tombs of China.

Talbots Spring Lookbook

If you read this blog regularly, you will know that I adore Talbots. I haven't been quite as enamored lately, but I just got a peek at the spring lookbook, and I think it is love again. I think I'll stop purchasing until these come out. Lots of fun color combinations and looks - overall it reminds me of J Crew before J Crew got so stuffy.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Today I wore the Royal Paisley Skirt I got from J. Crew via eBay. So far I've only worn purple with it, but I think I need to try yellow and green. Anyway, I went with a purple sweater that I've had for about seven years or so and some major Chicos bling. (This is actually two necklaces - one I bought and one I made out of a bracelet. I made the matching earrings, too.) I actually spent most of the time at church with my navy blue trenchcoat on though, as it was freezing inside - I don't think they've turned on the heat yet. I also discovered that cotton lined skirts and tights are NOT a match made in heaven, as the skirt tends to walk right up your legs. Ha.
Royal Paisley Skirt in Purple, J Crew; Hue Tights in Purple, Macy's; Faux Wrap Sequin Sweater in Purple, Target; Jewelry, Chicos and Designed by Denee.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Today I actually wore this floral blue and green cashmere cardigan and matching top with blue jeans. But . . . I did get this floral cardigan to the right in the mail, and I am already dreaming up combinations for it. I like this look for spring, and it looks like yellow will still be big. I like that it has pink, yellow and green - I think it will go with a lot of stuff I already have.
Hazy Cashmere Cardigan, Talbots; Hazy Top, Talbots, Lee Denim Jeans, Shopko.
Triomphe Jacquard Plaid Skirt in Yellow; Talbots, Floral Cardigan, Talbots; Ruffle Tank, Talbots, Belt and Shoes, Talbots; Bubble Necklace, eBay.

Target Finds

Lately I've actually been shopping for clothes occasionally at . . . Target. Yes, it's shocking. I've bought two skirts that I like from there, and I just found this Flame Merona Jacket that caught my attention. I loved this inspiration shot from J's Everyday Fashion, but I don't have a orange sweater to wear with the gray top (which I DO have). I saw this jacket and really like it. The arms are a little long, but it is easy to push them up, and they have a cute striped lining, so I could fold them up, too. At $30, it was a good price for a well cut jacket.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Doesn't this model look amazing in the sweater and scarf? If only it looked that great on me. Ha. Anyway, I wore this today with my mustard skirt. The temps dropped 20 degrees today, and we got about six inches of snow, so it was a nice, snuggly thing to wear, except for the green kitten heel shoes I was wearing, which weren't exactly snow ready. I don't know that I am ready for winter.
I got this sweater for $9.99, and I think I know why Talbots had to drop the price so much after featuring it so prominently in their ads - it is a pull and snag nightmare. Luckily, with my trusty crochet hook, I can fix most any snag, but this one is going to need it. The odd thing about this picture is also that on my sweater, the arms are a good three inches shorter than the body portion of the sweater while on the model they are much longer. Hmmm.....
Basketweave Sweater in Moss Green, Talbots; Stripe Scarf, Talbots; Mustard Ponte Knit Halogen Skirt, Nordstroms.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

I couldn't wait to wear this Indian Red Liberty Perfect Shirt from J Crew, so here it is today with orange skirt and tights. Yes, I am lighting the world on fire today. Ha.
Liberty Print Perfect Shirt in Indian Red, J Crew; Merona Skirt in Flame, Target; Merona Tights in Flame, Target; Jewelry, Talbots.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Today I went with these new floral pants from Talbots. They were very cute on, I thought. I needed something big, red, and statement-ish to go with this black button-up shirt, so I turned to my collection of scarves and found this silk beauty that the DD brought back for me from her semester abroad in England years ago. I'm rocking a new shorter haircut and new glasses here. During yearbook one of my students said, "Mrs. Tyler, did you not curl your hair today or something?" (Ha--I haven't curled my hair in years.) "Because you look different." To which another student replied, "Duh, she's got new glasses." Hmm...I'm going to have to grow into the new glasses.
Heritage Fit Rose-Print Pants in Red Warp Print Rose, Talbots; Button-Down Long Sleeve Shirt, Talbots; Belt, Vintage; Scarf, London.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Today I wore this exact outfit except that I added an additional necklace that is also very tribal and has a funky elephant pendant hanging off it. I honestly didn't even think about the fact that today is election day, but my students were all over me. Ha. Little do they know.
Anyway, this velvet skirt together with cashmere is so comfortable--I love it.
Velvet Animal Pencil Skirt in Brown, Talbots; Cashmere Audrey Sweater in Red, Talbots; Jewelry, Chicos and Designed by Denee; Hue Tights in Brown, Macy's.

eBay Finds

I have been wanting to find this Talbots sweater on the left on eBay for a long time (check it out with this gorgeous tweed sheath on the right), and this morning it popped up for $20 shipped. It is now mine and on its way to me.
Earlier this week I bit on the J Crew Liberty Perfect Shirt in Indian Red to the left for . . . let's just say it was more than $20 shipped and leave it at that. (But still much less than the online price of $150, besides which it has been sold out for a long time.) It arrived today with fast and free shipping, and I am in love. I think it will look smashing with my mustard skirt. It will also go with blue, red, purple--it's going to be very versatile, I can tell.
Both of these were new with tags, which is especially nice as far as the cardigan goes, because it's been out for several years.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Do you ever get the Monday blues? Well, I decided to fight those blues right back with BLUE. I mean eye-popping cobalt blue. This new necklace from Francesca's was a real show stopper. I really liked this new Talbot's shirt under this very old black v-neck, too.
I've decided to embrace the belt with most of my sweaters and cardigans. Hey, I have a 27 inch waist again, and I want to show it off.
Hue Tights in Black, Macy's; Halogen Pencil Skirt in Ocean, Nordstroms; Floral Button-Up Shirt, Talbots; V-Neck Ribbed Sweater, Macy's; Reversible Belt, Talbots; Jewelry, Francesca's, Chicos, and Talbots.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

I purchased this fleece cardigan from Eddie Bauer a few years ago. I love the beautiful front, which is silk ruffles and flowers. Unfortunately, this is one of the cardigans that is way too big for me now that I've lost so much weight. I tried it today, but I think I will have to take it in on the sides before I try to wear it again. While I'm at it, I might as well hem the sleeves, too, as they are too long and have to be folded up. Another to do item for my long list.
Silk Embellished Cardigan, Eddie Bauer; Skirt, Christopher and Banks; Hue Tights in Bone; Macy's; Ivory Tank, Chicos; Jewelry, Chicos.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

The BHW volunteers as a scout master, and he took his troop on a campout on Friday night. They didn't get back until 6 PM on Saturday. This is what I wore to welcome him back.
I hadn't worn these Sketchers shoes in quite a while; I had forgotten how comfortable they are!
Platinum Jeans in Black; Chicos; Rolled Neck Tank in Green, Talbots; Brushstroke Rose Cardigan, Talbots; Earrings, Macy's.

November 2, 2012

I took a quick picture of my Friday outfit as I was heading out the door. It looks like it was a little too quick, as it is pretty out of focus. Anyway, this was a fun and comfy outfit.
Audrey Dotted Sweater in Indigo Blue and Candy Apple Red, Talbots; Jodphur Jeans, Chicos; Bling, Chicos and Michael's Craft.

October Purchases

I noticed a lot of fashion bloggers keep track of their monthly purchases. I decided to do the same. I think it's probably a good idea, because I can see that although I got great deals on everything I bought, I spent more than my goal of $250. Ha. Anyway, the eyelash tweed jacket may or may not stay with me. I'm spending a bit more than I usually do in order to upgrade my wardrobe since I've lost weight. Next month I will hit my goal!!!